The Reflective Pulse Engine

A Patented new engine platform

'What is the best engine design between the gas turbine and the piston engine?'

In my unique Pulse Engine design:

  • The combustion energy is separated into two parts, shockwave energy and hot gasses.
  • This engine uses the best features of a piston engine, a contained combustion.
  • This engine uses the best features of a Turbine Engine, pressure over multi surfaces at maximum leverage.
  • The Shockwave energy is redirected to the rotor, assisting its spin.
  • The combustion gasses are given a path back to recess vanes cut in the rotor, thereby using the pressure multiple times.
  • The engine can be designed to the application.
  • The bearings are located on the shaft away from the rotor and not exposed to excess heat.

Why should we care?

  • Current engines for transportation are heavy and inefficient
  • Piston engines typically result in a 75% power loss.
  • Consider a smaller and more powerful engine platform for hybrids.
  • An Engine platform that is adaptable to earth friendly fuels such as:
    • Natural gas, Propane, Alcohol or Hydrogen.