Service Station Insect Control Tip – The Real Reason You Should Tip the Owners Performer

Service Station Insect Control Tip – The Real Reason You Should Tip the Owners Performer

You may have heard that it is a national mandate for service stations to tip the pest control guys. Some small convenience stores and gas stations are actually illegal in a few states. What are the reasons for tipping them?

In a state with such strict laws, you can forget about paying. Even if you can afford to tip the exterminator, you could wind up in jail anyway. Most businesses hire people to do their own work because they cannot afford to pay someone to handle the extermination of cockroaches. It costs far less than hiring a service to handle the problem.

If you must, tip the exterminator a couple of dollars for your trouble, but don’t call him an exterminator. They still charge you more. Tips on other service charges, like pest control books and chemicals, will almost certainly be eaten up by the exterminator, too.

Some argue that the service station has a moral obligation to keep their workers safe. If the rest of the company does not, should you?

These people say it’s OK to tip the service station for keeping the workers safe. You should, they say, because you are paying them to serve you.

Well, sure, it’s your money, but is it worth giving it to them? If they saved your life, they have done a good job. If they killed thousands of cockroaches every month, they deserve a little incentive to continue doing their job. But if the job was so bad that thousands of people died every year because of cockroaches, then why should you give any of your hard-earned money to them?

An exterminator is trained to know what to do when a cockroach or termite infestation strikes. They make use of the latest methods and devices.

Termite control is sometimes difficult. New devices need to be tested by a few million cockroaches before their even available for sale. And, after being used a few times, they aren’t a panacea.

So, the exterminator only gets to use their equipment and procedures when the problem is termite infestations. The bugs that go through the machinery die naturally. So, every time a person gets a home exterminator, the exterminator also gets a bigger bill for their services.

A similar argument can be made for service tips for pest control tips. The pay for the services includes the use of chemicals to kill the cockroaches and the only way to get rid of them is by using chemicals.

You may wonder why the service station should be allowed to leave their workers in the dirt while the exterminator is constantly using new techniques and chemicals. The answer is that if they are paying their exterminator to do the job, then they must be getting a return on their investment as well.

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